Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Teachers Make

Man, affirmation for my current goals are seemingly everywhere these days! This is an excellent, 3-minute slam poem about the value of teachers by Taylor Mali.

And speaking of teaching... I have been helping one of my kids along with her science fair project for a few months now. I convinced her to do a project based on DDR and how it relates to improving balance. Well, not only did she get a good score on the project, but is also going to the regional science fair! Yay!

Until next time...

"The self-taught man seldom knows anything accurately, and he does not know a tenth as much as he could have known if he had worked under teachers..."
-"Taming the Bicycle" by Mark Twain.


Siegfried said...

yo maximus!
momma just gave me the link to your blog so I've been checking it out slowly. Looks pretty awesome bro, glad to see you found some teaching inspiration, although I must say he's a bit cynical about lawyers....we have our moments as well!
anywho, viel gluck mensch! Prost!

Max said...

Vielen danke bro!