Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

A new decade, a new look at the blog. Severe apologies are in order for the long break in updates in this blog. I have had plenty of ventures and excursions in the interim, so it certainly hasn't been for lack of things to write about, more a lack of commitment. It always seems a struggle to sit down and write out a blog post. At work I feel like it takes too much time, and at home I often don't feel like marking out a chunk of time to update this online journal.

But then I get back into a post, and it feels good again. I want to tell people about all of the things that I am doing, and most importantly I want to preserve all of those thoughts and adventures for myself, to look back on some time in the future. As many of you may know, my memory isn't the best all of the time, so I believe it is important that I continue to chronicle my (mis)adventures in this very exciting part of my life.

That said, what happened over the past couple of months?

  • Thanksgiving! Lots of turkey, lots of sitting out in the beautifully lit but sadly deer-deprived woods
  • Work! Starting new classes that really haven't taken off, while other, older classes have seen a resurgence in popularity. I'm also beginning to develop a sense of adult responsibility and a gently gruff attitude towards children, which should rightly terrify most of you.
  • Grad school appli... yeah, this one is going to be a post all of its own.
  • Extracurriculars! Plenty of wargaming that hasn't been documented over at my other blog, plenty of pen and paper that has (hopefully) entertained a handful of you over the past few weeks, and distractions are looming from several other sources... And yes, mom, I'm still getting my work done fine. Don't worry.
  • Christmas! Excellently fun time, AND a road trip. There will be a post soon detailing this, don't you worry.
  • New Years! Which involves this picture:

I stared and giggled at myself in the mirror for probably 20 minutes... and that was before I put on my scarf.

Speaking of New Year's, it is traditional that we make resolutions at this time. I shall continue that tradition with the following pronouncements, none of which I believe are too far out of reach nor pointless in their proximity.

Join the gym.
Holy Lord I have not gone to the gym in over half a year. This needs to change. Plan is in the next two weeks I submit my application to the YWCA for a scholarship and attend soon after that for $20 a month. I plan on exercising at least twice a week, if not three times.

Blog more.
Blogging, as mentioned before, often takes back seat to other things. Well, I say no more! I vow to post three times per week. If I have nothing to post, then maybe some poetry or fiction will sate your appetites. We're going to start with Monday, Wednesday, Friday and see how it goes.

Become a better Netizen
While I hate to use the buzzword, it aptly describes what I want to become. Web 2.0 has a lot of technologies at its disposal and I want to get in on the action. For too long I've thought of web videos and web formatting as other people's cup of tea- we'll see if we can change that in 2010. I hope to get into videos by the time my birthday rolls around.

Be quicker in my response time.
A very general one that may get tossed in the dustbin as time goes on, but I want to stop procrastinating, or at least cut down on it a great deal. We'll see how this goes, but at least it's a start.

Begin Operation: Rock Paper Damocles


That's it for now. Until next time...

"New Year's Day--Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual."
-Letter from Mark Twain to the Virginia City Territorial Enterprise, Jan. 1863

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