Monday, January 25, 2010

Musical Meandering

I started off this weekend with a bit of an adventure. Rachel, Sophie and I had been interested in going to a show involving Dessa, a local artist who we know from her hosting trivia at the Nomad World Pub during the summer. We hadn't had much exposure to her music (which until recently has been mostly hip-hop), but simply from seeing her work the crowd at trivia and our interactions with her there convinced us that she was a person awesome enough to go out and see.

So we hopped on the bus and headed over to the Fine Line Music Cafe to stand in the rain and sleet waiting for a chance to get a ticket. The line started moving and we quickly got to the front.

Where we stayed.

These faces should pretty much say everything.

So, we tried for a plan B to salvage the night. Wandering through downtown we came upon The Shout!  House.

This is a bar that features two pianos and a band that plays plenty of songs that most people are familiar with. There were a lot of '90s faves as well as some oldies and most of the things going on seemed to have a cult-classic status among the people there. Or maybe it was just that everyone was completely shmammered. As for us, it was entertaining but not nearly to the degree of the other patrons there. Maybe if we had made an event out of it and prepared before hand it would be entertaining enough, but for now I think we'll leave it to the much classier downtowners. Of note: overweight white men performing Single Ladies. HILARIOUS.

We left a bit later and caught the bus back to Uptown where we hung out at the Bryant Lake Bowl then walked back to our house. Unfortunately Minnesota is going through some incredibly annoying and disgusting weather right now that makes walking to anywhere a frightening proposition. Basically, it's cold enough that we still have a whole lot of ice, but warm enough that a lot of that is melting. So we now have sidewalks that are completely covered in a slippery sloshy mess, resulting in plenty of people walking on the streets as it is safer. If this were going on in March I would say ok, and most of this stuff would be gone by now. But in January?!? Stupid global warming...

Well, until next time...

"All of us contain Music & Truth, but most of us can't get it out."
- autograph for Stefan Czapka, quoted in Our Famous Guest, Mark Twain in Vienna, Carl Dolmetsch


Rachel Teagle said...

Nooo! I blame the weather for you not getting tickets.

SK said...

Thank you so much for posting that incredibly flattering picture. ;)

Max said...

Aww, you're welcome Sophie!