Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This past weekend Rachel and I traveled to Lake Tahoe to celebrate her grandfather's 90th birthday AND his 65th wedding anniversary to Rachel's grandmother. We got into town a day earlier than everyone and had fun zipping around the country side in my fun red rental car:

When we got to the time share that we were staying at I promptly passed out, as for every day of the past week I had gotten maybe 4 hours of sleep. We then headed into downtown South Lake Tahoe and enjoyed a delicious meal and watched the Avengers for the second time (note: still freakin' awesome!).

Since I was only in town until Sunday afternoon we needed to pack as much fun into our days as possible. In this case it meant lots of hiking up picturesque trails where the views were constantly breath taking and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. One note, however, is that apparently Nevada/California don't really mark their trails appropriately or maintain them well, as we were often backtracking to find the place that the ACTUAL trail wanted us to go on, including once in our car where a single lane path along a cliff's edge was apparently supposed to be a two way path to the parking lot. Awkward.

We also went on a cruise on Saturday night where I got to spend time with Shirley and Jack. They're a fun couple to hang around, although Jack can definitely be a card shark when he wants to be. They also probably engaged in the cutest moment ever when they got an entire song to themselves towards the end of the cruise.

We ended our trip with another hike on Sunday morning, and then I drove back to the airport through the local national park, which offered sweeping vista after sweeping vista. Beautiful country, if a bit steep and winding. Would be great for biking, however...

Anyway, here are some of the pictures that I took while hiking. Enjoy!

The bottom couple are from our cruise- it was a paddle boat!

Monday, May 7, 2012


Hey everybody! Work/life/everything has kept me from posting for a while, but I figured that you all would appreciate these pics from this weekend. My one sentence review for the Avengers? I want to see it again and again and again. Just such an incredibly fun, witty, action packed movie where every character has a human side, even the villains. Go see it. NOW.

And, speaking of, here's the pics of me as the Thunder God and Rachel as the Asgardian Prince of Lies. What this says about our relationship is an exercise left up to the reader.

Behold, the jankiness!

Thor out!