Monday, September 6, 2010

Taste of Madison and EPIC Photos

Hey everybody! The video is being stupid so I can't get it to upload for some reason and I don't really want to post it on YouTube. So until that all gets resolved, here's some other things that have been going on:

This past weekend Rachel and I were busy spending money. First was the ginormous farmer's market that went all the way around the capitol. There were hundreds of people slowly moving clockwise around the square inspecting the various merchandise that the hordes of stalls had to offer. We managed to snag many kinds of tomatoes that we had never heard of before (Striped German anyone?) as well as some delicious trout and other assorted veggies.

Speaking of food, we went to Taste of Madison on Sunday. Kind of like Taste of Minnesota, it too featured many stalls around the capitol and people moving slowly clockwise around it... but this time the food was cooked, and there were some cool bands playing. Most interesting thing that I ate there: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Egg Roll. Yum!

Since Monday was Labor Day neither Rachel nor I had work. So, in preparation for my exciting debut tomorrow, we decided to head to Epic to check out the place. Fortunately the weather was gorgeous and my car was able to direct us there without a hitch. I even managed to take some pics this time... enjoy!

Until next time...

"To be envied is the human being's chiefest joy."
No. 44, The Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain


Rachel Teagle said...

Does that one tree-housey picture say "No Pagers" or "No Posers"? Either way, those are standards I can support.

A gift and a warning.

You win this round, Maxington...

Max said...

It says "No Pagers." There's also a warning that has been crossed out that says No Girls.

And, hee hee! He looks so silly!