Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Epic, Week 1

I'm starting on my second week at Epic so I thought I would let you all know how it's been so far. The first week was mostly orientation into Epic's corporate culture as well as the physical campus of Epic itself. You know those pics I had up a week earlier? That was only 1 half of the campus! There's an entire other half here, even crazier than the first!

Anyway, we didn't get to learning how to use the software until this week, and so far it seems pretty self explanatory. Granted, I'm still getting a grasp of the technical terms and the flow of work from clinic to hospital but the trainers have been doing a good job getting us to not only understand the technical side but also the wider world of healthcare and how they interact.

We also had what is known as a Home Day on Monday, where all the Epic employees in the States get together for a big meeting. We can actually fit all 4,000+ employees quite easily in our huge 5,400 seat theater, though this won't even be big enough to fit all of us and the guests for UGM- though I'll get into that more in a couple of weeks.

For the next couple of weeks I'll try to take pics of a different building. We'll start with the one that I've been assigned to, Formalhaut, which is NYC themed. I'm on the ground floor (themed as the subway) with an excellent view of the treehouse. My officemate seems very nice and I'm getting along well with the other new hires here. They're ramping up our course schedule very quickly and I'm busy most of the time, but I guess that means I'll never be bored.

So, Formalhaut:

Until next time...

"There is one thing very sure--I can't keep my temper in New York. The cars and carriages always come along and get in the way just as I want to cross a street, and if there is any thing that can make a man soar into flights of sublimity in the matter of profanity, it is that thing."
Letter written to San Francisco Alta California, June 5, 1867 by Mark Twain


Ben said...

Your company is ridiculous. Mannequins on the benches? I am vastly amused.

Also, do you know Bethany Schimmel, from my year? She also works at Epic, somewhere among those 4,000 employees.

Glad it's going well!

Max said...

Yeah, I found out that she's working here through LinkedIn. Gabe Ulman and Victor Qin are also here, not to mention one of my AmeriCorps buddies and even a girl from my elementary school!

Small world...