Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Epic, Week 2

Week 2 at Epic proved to be a bit more interesting. We took a course called Epic 360 which familiarized us with how work flows through a clinic and a hospital and how our software allows the clinicians and staff to do their jobs. It was pretty cool finally getting to understand all of the medical lingo which I am sad to say that I never learned from the doctor in my family. Thanks Dad.

We were also exposed to how Epic handles tests around here- fast and quick! We started our course on Tuesday and wrapped up with an exam on Friday, which thankfully I passed. Half an hour later we started our MyChart Fundamentals course which wrapped up that day. If it weren't for the Users Group Meeting this week I may have taken the test on Monday, but thankfully I have a bit more time to prepare.

This week's photo tour is going to one of the featured perks of the Epic campus: the treehouse! Called Endor, my office mate Laura and I decided to take a break from MyChart studying to take a quick jaunt and explore it.

The treehouse was constructed from leftover wood from Campus 1 construction as a cool place to have meetings.

But it's not just office space.

There's a second floor!

And even a secret third floor with a trap door!

A little dark, but that's a swing chair/hammock there on the second floor.

There's also a path that goes underneath the treehouse...

... and leads to Pelennor Fields! And yes, that is the name.

A view of Deneb from the rear

And a campsite...

... complete with outlet. The BEST kind of camping!

Until next time...

"There is nothing that training cannot do. Nothing is above its reach or below it. It can turn bad morals to good, good morals to bad; it can destroy principles, it can recreate them; it can debase angels to men and lift men to angels. And it can do any of these miracles in a year -- even six months."
- "As Regards Patriotism" by Mark Twain

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