Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super Bowl Par-tay!

So the Superbowl happened on Friday. Being me I didn't really care who won, but it was definitely a reason to have an impromptu party!


Quite a few members of the gang (and extended gang) made it to my house to hang out, kind of watch the game and enjoy tasty things.. like my very own scratch-made pizzas!
The Broccoli Ricotta on white crust
The Cheese on Firecracker Cornmeal crust

The Artichoke and Tomato on white crust

...and the Tofu Satay on Firecracker Cornmeal crust.
Of course, being my group, there had to be games involved. Games played included Pandemic (can your team of players stop 4 superbugs from spreading across the globe? It's you against the game... and our players lost both times. Ouch.) and Citadels (change roles every turn while you build up your city- can you guess who each player is and plan accordingly? Or accidentally show your hand and have your gold stolen, or cities destroyed and your life taken by an assassin's blade?)


All in all, lots of fun. Oh, and somebody won the game thingy.

P.S. for a good time call 1-877-987-6401

Until next time...

"Well, say, this beats croquet. There's more go about it!"
- quoted in "Mark Twain at Football Game," New York World, Sunday November 18, 1900

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