Monday, February 1, 2010

Party for Haiti, and Tobies

On Saturday the girl and I headed to an Admission Possible party that was held to gather funds for Haiti. A band of AP folks called San Jovi and the Roving Tovies had a house party and plenty of people showed up.


On Sunday we met up with Rachel's parents in Hinckley, MN to eat at Tobie's restaurant. Basically we decided that neither of us was up to driving all the way to either Minneapolis or Duluth, so we decided to meet halfway. On the way home we stopped off at an outlet mall and managed to pick up quite a few bargains.

So, a pretty nice weekend, all things considered.

I'll have some more work related things on Wednesday, and a super special surprise for Friday. Until next time...

I thought I was lazy, but I am a steam engine compared to a Constantinople dog.
- The Innocents Abroad, by Mark Twain

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