Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Zombie Beach Party!

On Saturday my coworker Oahn hosted a Zombie Beach Party themed bash in her usual awesome fashion. Everyone showed up in beach gear and then got zombied up with face paint and fake blood. Then we headed out for a photo scavenger hunt, which was great! You can find my pics from the event below:

Zombie Beach Party

The weirdest thing about the event was how chill everyone on the street was with the fact that we were in zombie  make up. "Oh, you're doing a zombie photo scavenger hunt? Cool." was a very common reaction to us going about our business. One group of people even posed for us eating their brains while they played the guitar!

The night closed out with some much needed dancin' and partyin'. Flippy cup made its welcome re-entrance to my life as "In Flippy Cup it doesn't matter if you win or lose- that's not what Flippy Cup is about", as my team mate said. So true.

I'll discuss my World Cup experience next, so until next time...

All say, "How hard it is that we have to die"-- a strange complaint to come from the mouths of people who have had to live.
- The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson and the Comedy of the Extraordinary Twins


Wie lang wird ihr lesen, wenn ich schreiben? said...

god you do way more things than me. I have to be random or otherwise i'd bore you with stories of work and class.

keep it up!

Max said...

@ Frito:Eh, I also don't work nearly as hard as you do... which means next year is going to be FUN!

Greg said...

I'm jealous. If our paths should cross once more this summer, Max, we should do a Finger Lakes wine tour... as zombies.