Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blessing of the Maibock

This past weekend Rachel and I went to the Blessing of the Maibock at Town Hall brewery in 7 Corners. Town Hall has a lot of these beer release events, but this is the first one that Rach and I went to. There were a lot of people at the event, and everyone was in great spirits. We sat next to one gentleman who is a regular at the bar and we swapped stories of our travels and beer preferences.

The beginning of the blessing was unmistakable, as it was heralded by bagpipes. In walked a vicar and his entourage, spraying people with holy water and filling the room with the smell of frankincense and myrrh. They orchestrated a delightful service that was lighthearted and drunken, a perfect fit for the crowd. Then the maibock flowed like water, and all was good.

Afterwards as we stumbled around 7 corners I got the drunkchies so we headed over to Bedlam to get sweet potato cupcakes (which were delicious) and then to the Wienery for something called the Upsetter.

There's a hotdog in there somewhere... I swear.

For more pics, as well as a video of the proceedings at the bar that you will NOT want to miss, click on the album below.

Maibock Blessing


Ken said...

Looks like a venue that Greg might like to officiate when he becomes a priest. I got Mom a beer that she really likes: "Raging Bitch" it's a Belgian style IPA from the Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, MD. 8.3% EtOH. Good people drink good beer.- Hunter S. Thompson

Max said...

Belgian style IPA? Interesting... and if Greg does Maibock blessings, that might be enough for me to become a Catholic. Mmmmmmmmaibock...

Rachel Teagle said...

That is not a hotdog. That is a piece of bacon covered in cheese.