Thursday, October 22, 2009

Robots vs Humans!

My computer and camera are talking again- so time for

This was a party thrown by my friend and fellow CTEP-er Oahn a couple of weekends ago. It was blast, there was plenty of retro robo-music, and there were cartoons and/or Look Around You projected onto the wall all night. Good time indeed.

Wrench the Robots!

Oahn in all her Robo-glory

Mr. Egerman, Cupcake-Robot Extroardinaire

To convince of how awesome Oahn is, she has an official POG tournament game pad.

Me in all my robot hating sketchiness.
  Until next time...

"I really hate robots. Stupid metal men..."
-Quote attributed to Mark Twain by an unknown source, but totally legit

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