Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another Quizling

Apparently I have a lot of these in conjunction with my work...

On Wednesday we had a big staff meeting to get everyone together and meet the new staff members and Americorps volunteers. As part of it we had a lot of ice breakers and other community building exercizes, including a quiz. The first page was all about CommonBond terminology, so I'll skip that one, but the next two pages were much more friendly to outsiders. Here we go!

Culture Quiz
We work with a lot of youth inour positions and it seems, at times, that they know a lot more than we do! How hip are you to these pop culture terms? Write your definition for each term in the space below.

1. Emo
2. Bromance
3. Crunk
4. Bling
5. BFF
6. Soul Patch
7. Dunzo
10. Bogart

City Trivia
CommonBond has family sites in a number of cities. Write the name of the city to its best description.

Choices include:
Golden Valley, MN     Little Falls, MN     Bloomington, MN     Milwaukee, WI     St Paul, MN
Edina, MN     Cedar Rapids, IA     Maplewood, MN     Sleepy Eye, MN     Northfield, MN
Minnetonka, MN     Plymouth, MN     Red Wing, MN     Maple Grove, MN     Minneapolis, MN

1. Several major corporations, including General Mills, base their operations in this city:
Golden Valley
2. The company that invented post it notes is headquartered here:

3. Former governor of Minnesota and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura and his family used to call this city their home:
Maple Grove

4. The rollerblade was created in this city:

5. America's best place to live in 2008 according to Money Magazine:

6. Charles Lindbergh's home town:
Little Falls

7. Named after a Sisseton-Sioux chief with a droopy eye lid:
Sleepy Eye

8. Home to one of two "dead letter" offices in the U.S.:
St Paul

9. The headquarters for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles is here:

10. John Denver wrote some of his greatest hits while living here:

11. Jim Ramstad, U.S. representative of this suburb, announced his retirement from Congress here:

12. Ashton Kutcher was born here:
Cedar Rapids

13. The small city was the origianl home of Hamline University:
Red Wing

14. This city is the site of the last bank robbery of the Jesse James Gang:

Answers are below the question- just highlight.

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