Saturday, February 14, 2009

Acting as the Man and Dream Blog

On Thursday I got to be the Man, in that I got to interview people for a position. It wasn't a very big position, just to be a Teen Tax Translator Assistant for the tax service that my site runs for the residents, but it still felt very cool to be the one interviewing people. I tried to be as friendly as possible, and give the teens interviewing a lot of slack, as most had never interviewed for anything before. My coworker Kristina was amused that I got such a kick out of telling people "Could you please shut the door? Thank you", and I really have no defense for my actions other than a slight case of megalomania. We had 6 candidates for 2 positions and quickly narrowed the field down to 3. Narrowing it to 2 was a bit harder and involved some reference checking, but we might still have 3 people just because we don't want to cut the odd teen out.

In other news, there's a cool new blog being run by Bedlam Theatre called I Dream of Dada. You can write into the blog with your dreams, and they will anonymously post them on the front page. From these dreams they will craft a play, which should lead to some pretty bizarre interactions and "wait a minute, that's mine!" moments. Even if you don't intend on posting, you should still check it out... especially since my dream is entitled "Just Me, My Girlfriend, and Sarah Michelle Gellar."

But today is V-Day, so I must fly. Until next time...

"Buffalo, Feb. 14. Dear Sir: I am only too proud of the chance to help with this the only Valentine I venture to write this day -- for although I am twain in my own person I am only half a person in my matrimonial form, and sometimes my wife shows that she is so much better and nobler than I am, that I seriously question if I am really any more than about a quarter! "
- Letter to an unidentified correspondent from Mark Twain, featured on an internet auction by Bennett Stamps, Baltimore, Maryland, March 2006

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