Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The 41st Millenium... on your screen!

So I've been talking a lot about Warhammer 40k, but chances are that most of you have never seen the pieces, let alone an actual game. Well, I'm here to change a little bit of that with some pics of a recent game that I played. It was President's Day, and I convinced Pechous and Russell that games needed to happen. So we descended on the darkened environs of Chaos to play with little metal men.


Russell and his 3000 pt Chaos Space Marines, featuring the combined might of the Thousand Sons and Khorne Berzerkers.


Pechous' Loyalist Space Marines, the Ice Jesters, led by the heroic Marneus Calgar.


My Eldar (aka Space Elves), defending the craftworld against the forces of Chaos.

We rolled to determine terrain and chose to compete using some older mission objectives. Across the battlefield we scattered 6 hidden objectives. Only one of them was the piece of intel/hostage/weapon that our forces wanted. Our goal was to have an infantry squad capture the hidden objective and hold on to it until the end of the game.

This is the field of battle. Objectives were placed in the ruin building, the patch of green forest, on the near side of the bridge, near the rocky plateau, and two others on opposite ends of the middle of the map.

The first round saw us with only our troops (common units, generally infantry) on the battlefield. Fortunately for me, my troops were all housed in dedicated transports... which happened to be heavily armed, flying tanks.

This meant that these fearsome looking Khorne Berzerkers were in for some trouble.

Unfortunately for us, Russell was about to start smashing our faces in with heavy infantry flaming Pechous' marines, axing my Dire Avengers, and Terminating more marines.

Fortunately for us, the mission didn't rely on annihilating one another, only capturing the objective that you can see on the bridge behind the demon. I managed to turboboost a unit of sword wielding wild women in a tank over to that corner of the board and take the objective on the last turn... but then Russell brought in some big guns.

That combined with a chaos space marine lord swinging a weapon so evil that it has a demon bound inside ended my poor red headed amazons and won the game for Russell. Still, it was fun, and I finally got to get some pics! Yay!

Until next time...

-Khorne Berzerker Chant

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Matthew said...

For the sake of continuity, perhaps you should say that the chant was actually started, supposedly, by Mark Twain after one of his infamous drinking binges.