Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hey all, not much to report today. Attempted some new culinary diversions, but met with limited success (note: apparently peanut butter and oil do not mix into a sauce. The more you know...), and celebrated National Milk Chocolate Day with a toasted coconut s'more. Mmm, mmm, mmm.
This evening Siegi, a few of his friends and Greg and I all went out to the Drive-In to watch Dark Knight and Hellboy 2. We drove up Siegi's pickup truck and set up a bunch of chairs and bean bags in the back and watched the movies with plenty of soda, chocolate and beer. Dark Knight, is of course still awesome, and even more awesome as I now got to look at all of the little plot points in greater detail. Hellboy 2 was also a surprisingly good movie, much better than the first one. They have a very interesting take on the fairy world- in some ways much more steampunk than usual, but in others more organic and weird. Still, that's about what you have to expect from the guy who directed Pan's Labyrinth. The artistic direction was spectacular right form the get go- scenes such as a story being acted out by wooden, porcelain and metal soldiers in life and death struggles (Jared, Kyle- remember that there's ALWAYS a bigger game...); a god of the forest's blood turning asphalt and skyscrapers into a wooded paradise; and the court of strange steampunk elves in the middle of a rusting factory that inexplicably has petals streaming from the ceiling were simply amazing and, I'll admit, a bit awe inspiring and quite beautiful in their own weird and fantastical way. The story was fairly good- pretty cute at times, with the right amounts of badassery to make it a blast to watch, but definitely go and see it for the visuals over the story.

In interesting news, apparently there are real world superheroes. They even have a registry. I just hope this doesn't end up like Watchmen, but for right now it's really freaking cool. Now if I can just get some kevlar...

Tomorrow I'm heading down to Philadelphia to look at grad schools and go to an OAR concert with my sister and her boyfriend, and then as soon as we get back I'm headed off to New Hampshire again with the whole family plus auxiliaries (Danielle and Greg). I might be able to post on Thursday quick, but don't count on it. Now I must to bed, so until next time...

"You're in love. Have a beer."
-Hellboy, from Hellboy 2

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Jared Evans said...

Yeah man, the RLSH movement is really interesting. There's a superhero who works out of out Rochester by the name of Geist. Also, YOU MUST WATCH THIS NOW