Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Apartment Video

Finally got the video of my apartment to show! Now, this is from when we just moved in so there have been a few modifications since, but the layout's the same. Enjoy!


Greg said...

3 Doors leading into your apartment= 2 more ways for zombies to get in. Just saying.

Max said...

But on the flipside the apartment has several distinct advantages in the advent of a Zombie attack, not limited to collapsible stairs (if I had an axe), the doors also being multiple exits, and the fact that it is on the second floor and not the first.

Other than that... yeah. I should probably work on a Zombie Survival plan or something...

Rachel Teagle said...

Greg, I had the exact same thought when I heard about the three doors. Poor planning Max.

Also, the kitchen is awesome! You have an island??!!?

And from the video it looks like you have a double decker couch in the living room. I hope that is accurate.
We'll have to find an excuse to see it in person