Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween Pics

Well, that was a false promise if I ever made one. Sorry about that... anyway, here are some pics from the Halloween weekend. Enjoy!

 Here's me as everyone's favorite antagonistic superhero, Captain Hammer. If you don't get the reference, watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog already. Sheesh.

 Rachel didn't want to get all made up for Friday's outings so she quickly made herself into baby punk/goth.
 Epic continued to get into the spirit of things with a reference to one of my favorite comix.
 Rachel's actual costume as Delirium from the Sandman graphic novels. She's following her fishy!
 "I am following the Bogart Rantipole... who I turned into a fishy to be in-con-spicuous..."
 Our friend Jesse as post-apocalyptic Dorothy. Her scars show that she has been turned into her EVIL TWIN already.
 Another of our friends as Hit Girl...

 EVIL Captain Hammer! And now I have my OWN MONOCLE!

... did I mention this was an awesome party?
 Another of our friends who happened to dress up as Death, also from Sandman! Rachel was also turned evil, hence the mustache... or maybe it was just Delirium screwing around. Who knows.

 On the way up to the party there were scenes of a struggle...
 Pumpkins impaled on pumpkins...
 Scared... seedless.
 Murdered in clever ways...
 And disemboweled.

Happy halloween!


Rachel Teagle said...

Rated PV for extreme shots of Pumpkin Violence.

Max said...

Hah- nice.