Friday, April 2, 2010

Minnesota Governor Portraits: A Comparison Study

So today for our Corps Day we went to the State Capitol and as part of the day's activities we took a tour around the capitol building. The architecture of the place is amazing and very impressive, but the greatest part of the tour was seeing the governors' portraits.

Every former governor gets one made and they can have it in any style that they wish. Let's begin with one of our favorite former governors, Jesse Ventura.

Pretty imposing, no? Now let's look at the portrait that is directly next to his:

Gov. Arne H. Carlson. Bit of a difference, eh?

Until next time...

The government is not best which secures mere life and property -- there is a more valuable thing -- manhood.
- Mark Twain's Notebook

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Rachel Teagle said...

That Mark Twain quote is eerily apt. How would your manly governor's portrait be painted? I doubt you'd be wearing a shirt.