Monday, March 8, 2010

My Girlfriend is Awesome, aka B-Day Weekend!

B-day awesomeness began on Friday when I got this in the mail:

Vielen Danke Oma!

Saturday began like any other Saturday. I went to work, taught classes, then headed over to the game store to play around with little plastic men. At around 6:30 I got a text message from Rachel, saying "I'm almost there- be ready to run out!" I quickly packed up my toys, finishing just after she arrived and announced that my "chariot awaits."

It turned out that she, Jason, Caroline and Russell were driving me away to St Paul for dinner! We tried going to the Blue Door Pub, but they were incredibly busy. Several restaurants later we got to the Muddy Pig, a fantastic pub in St Paul with good pub food and an excellent selection of beer and liquor. My choice of a whiskey flight was a good one, as, to quote Caroline, I had "a religious experience" with two of the three whiskeys. Heavenly stuff.

We then headed home, watched half of Up, then went out to the Uptown Theater at midnight to watch Mystery Team. Short review: very crude and crass but overall quite funny and enjoyable. If they had only left out the gentleman's club scene, I would have been overjoyed. As it is... you'll cringe a lot, but it was worth our time and money.

Then Sunday rolled around. I had decreed that I would spend the entire day thusly:
And so I did.
Later that day someone appeared at the door bearing wonderfully tasty gifts. The box looked like this:

And inside, it looked like this:

Mmmmm.... Puppy dog tails! And yes, that cup at the bottom of the picture? FILLED WITH FROSTING.
So, that was pretty amazing. Then, after I had gaming we started watching the Oscars, and people kept on randomly showing up! Becca, Ben, Ben, Dan and Sophie all appeared to watch the awards and play games.

Finally, at the end of the day, my most amazing girlfriend had one more surprise for me. I'll let the pics speak for themselves (click to embiggen):


Thank you Rachel!

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