Friday, August 21, 2009

Technical Difficulties

So, like how I've been updating three whole days in a row? Well, it's stopping now, as my computer decided to have itself a clusterf%$#. It began with noticing the case was cracked and continued with my touchpad mouse no longer working. I think it was a driver issue but didn't realize it wasn't an Asus driver until today, when my computer decided to sign its "Don't Resuscitate" clause and no longer accept power from my charger. I barely managed to copy my data over but... oyveh Maria.

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Draskireis said...

That's... ugh. Sorry about that. That said--since you seem surprised to have updated three days running (I know, pot, kettle, whatever), you might revise your tagline from daily dose to something like... sporadic dose, no?

Good luck getting it to unfuck itself.