Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Random Contest

So lately I have been Mr. Super Productive at work, banging out curricula, posters and e-mails like nobody's business. Plus I had attendance at my class yesterday and I got to help a lot of people. Go me!

Most of my work has been geared towards our e-waste project, because it's finally bearing its first fruit! This upcoming Saturday is Cinqo de Mayo (which I think I mentioned already...) so we've been getting geared up for that, and our PSA is finally starting to take form. Today we had another meeting with our ally from SPNN and made a lot of good progress. In particular I rocked it with the results of my big search for stock footage, photos and music yesterday. It all costs money, and we aren't exactly made out of that, but it's definitely affordable and within reach.

So, this brings me to my random request. One of my objectives is to find a ravine filled with electronic waste (i.e. broken computers, tvs, monitors, etc.). It could be a ditch, or even a field or wood, but we need some pictures of this for our PSA. So, if any of you happen to see such a thing and either tell me where it is so I can take a pic of it or, even better, you take some pictures of it yourself and send it to me, I can promise a prize in your future. Caveats include not having put it there yourself, so you can scratch that option right off.

Some additional targets of opportunity if you find yourself immensely bored:
- stock music appropriate to a kitchen scene in a sitcom. Check out istock, revostock or the music bakery for things of this nature.
- stock footage involving e-waste. We got some great clips of a tv being tossed out of a truck in slow-mo, but it's always nice to have more.

Additional prizes will be given to people who complete these secondary objectives as well, probably of the yummy variety.

Until next time...

"When we do not know a person--and also when we do--we have to judge his size by the size and nature of his achievements, as compared with the achievements of others in his special line of business--there is no other way."
- Christian Science, by Mark Twain

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