Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Liberty Parade

On Sunday Rachel, Becky, Ben and I headed over to the aptly named Liberty Parade, which was a very peaceful and artistic protest of the RNC. After the parade there was a free concert, with at least one band that I liked, called Stacy K and the Groovestains. They had a kind of rock folk feel to them, and the artistry on their cds is pretty awesome (see above).

The Parade and the concert were part of the UnConvention, which is a protest without a political focus or agenda and belonging to no party (though Ron Paul supporters, Democrats and eco-peeps seemed to be in large numbers among the constituents) that want to remind us about the importance of liberty and free speech in America. They have another gathering slated for Thursday that I'm going to attend called the Peace Island Picnic.

But yeah, for some pics of the parade, go to my Picasa album located here.

Until next time...

"Irreverence is the champion of liberty."
-Mark Twain

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